Blogging on a cold Wednesday Morning

I attempted to write a post last night in vain, mostly because I was busy trying to make the G-mail chat function work.  It was rather frustrating because my wireless connection was affected by the winds outside, but other than that, I was just too tired and didn’t really have the verve to write.

Blogging and writing in general for me comes in spurts.  Once I get started, it just flows.  However, there are times when it just doesn’t.

There’s around an inch of snow outside.  This winter has been brutal with the cold temperatures but has been rather sparse as far as snow is concerned.  There have been warnings but so far, they have yet to see major snowfall.  This is one of the hassles of living on the east coast where winter does not just mean “cold,” but I’d take my snow anyday to be safe from the hurricanes of the usually temperate states like Florida.  (Of course they have Disneyworld, but I can always hop on a plane from here..)

And the slow down on posting hasn’t been for lack of things to write about.  It’s just that I’ve been preoccupied with other things — principally my batch website, and now I’m back to scrapbooking.  With only so few hours to set aside for my personal projects, something takes a backseat.  I haven’t had the time to attend to some new pairs of pants whose hems I need to take care of (yes, I sew them myself and I’m mighty proud of the work I do..).

Now I must get ready for work.  My boys are still asleep — but I have to get going…