Valentine's Day – a belated post

I tried to post this evening of February 14 but my connection wasn’t cooperating with me, so I am posting it here belatedly.

I’ve always been big on Valentine’s Day.. even when I was younger.  The only times Valentine’s Day was a non-event for me were those years when I was loveless.  There were a few but I have long forgotten them.  I try to forget the bitterness of it and just go with the good memories.

I made sure I didn’t wear red today.  I remember around 10 years ago when my then boyfriend and I showed up at work both wearing red shirts.  No, we didn’t plan on it, and I totally forgot the significance of the color and the date. 

I’m counting my 7th valentine with Alan — the first having been before I became Mrs. Gonzalez.  It’s only my 5th here in New York because we celebrated Valentine’s Day 2005 belatedly in Paris.  He left the weekend before V-day and I joined him almost two weeks later towards the latter part of that business trip.  Every year, as the occasion draws near, I try to remember the places we’ve been to.

The first was at the old location of Schwarzwalder in Makati, then the next here in New York at One if by land, Two if by Sea.  My second valentine date here in New York was at Le Colonial, and the next was at Anisa (right next to One if by land over at Barrow Street).  Paris, I always forget the name of that Brasserie near Champs Elysees, and last year was db Bistro Moderne.  We had to cancel tonight’s dinner reservation due to the bad weather, though.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be February 14 all the time.

Alan got me a very pretty pearl and silver kisses bracelet, and I gave him a watch valet.  We try to keep it simple on Valentine’s Day although we don’t let it go by without celebrating it.  Other than our wedding  anniversary in mid-August, this is the only other occasion that celebrates us as a couple.  Here’s to two dozen more valentine day’s celebrations, honey!

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