Trying Hard Baker

I’m killing time posting here while waiting for my carrot cake to bake.  It’s 10 past 11PM, and my arms are aching from grating carrots.  What was I thinking?!

I came home and cooked dinner only to discover we were out of bread.  I have been mulling about baking some carrot cake since last week, that’s why I have the carrots and the cinnamon.  I figured I had to make the carrot cake tonight so the grandmas have something to munch on tomorrow for merienda. There are other things to snack on, but I don’t feel right leaving the house knowing they only had one serving each of bread to eat.  Alan was happy to know he had something to look forward to for breakfast tomorrow.

I grated the carrot by hand because I have had a bad experience getting my food processor to do it right when I need some texture in whatever I’m processing.  I figured I couldn’t go wrong doing it myself.  I didn’t — it’s just that I didn’t realize it would be the most tedious part of making the cake.

I had been searching for an easy enough carrot cake recipe and had landed here and decided I would try this one primarily because the shortening it used was vegetable oil instead of butter which I was running short of.  The fact that the vegetable oil was better than real butter hit me as an added plus much later.

I have a ready tub of cream cheese frosting in the pantry, but I’ll save that for individual servings.  The grandmas might prefer it without.

I think I’ll save the pistachio macarrons for the weekend.  Another project that needs some tedious preparation, but the francophile in me says it should be a breeze.

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