A visit to Kennedy Country: Hyannis, MA

We had started planning a vacation in Europe but decided to stay Stateside because we made a choice between exploring Geneva, Brussels and Lyon which would’ve meant a lot of walking — or chilling out some place we can just take things easy.  The next choices were Cancun or Orlando, but the former would’ve meant a long trip but a value-for-money vacation in a place we’ve already visited so we could just while the hours away by the pool, and the latter was a tempting choice but we were just there in April.  Alan and I have been talking of going to visit Cape Cod after visiting Kennebunkport in July, and we decided to finally go before summer was totally gone.

I always leave it to Alan to find a place to stay at since he is in the hospitality industry.  He picked an all-efficiency studio hotel near the water by Ocean Street, and the Cape Cod Harbor House Inn (Bed and Breakfast) turned out to be a good choice because it was located near several areas where we could walk to.  It was just a stone’s throw away from Spanky’s Clamshack where we took out two lobster dinners to enjoy with rice in our room, and where we later had a family dinner during our last night there.  You could easily walk to the Aselton Memorial Park where there are free concerts, photo opportunities and shacks that display local artists.  (Watch out for signs saying if the artist shacks will be open.)

We were also just a short walk away to Hy-line Cruises where you could take a sightseeing cruise, or any of the ferries to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket.  Ocean Street is also where some of the beaches of Hyannis are located, particularly Veteran’s Park Beach where Angel had his first taste of swimming on the beach.  We had actually tried Kalmus Beach Park but it was closed when we drove there, so we opted for Veteran’s instead.  These are considered family friendly beaches because there is natural protection against the waves which make for relatively calmer waters.

Arriving there mid-afternoon on Sunday, we tried to find a lighthouse but the first lighthouse that the GPS picked up was the one on West Dennis Beach.  It was a lighthouse attached to a restaurant as part of its architecture but not a fully functional lighthouse.  I just snapped away and we started looking for a clamshack, ending up at Spanky’s where we ordered two lobsters to go.  I had made a mental note to purchase and bring along a lobster cracker and picks which, of course, I failed to do, but I thought I’d hop on to the Hy-Line Gift Shop next door and try my luck. And it turned out to be a good decision because I did find one, which helped me pick the meat from the claws with not much grief.  (I just had to duck when the lobster juices squirted out of the claws when I cracked them.) 

The next day we decided to go to Martha’s Vineyard which part of this vacation I will discuss in detail in another blogpost. 

We tried to find a nearby lighthouse and ended up here at Dennis Beach
Unfortunately, it was rather muggy and getting dark but I stepped out of the car and started to take pictures..
There was a lighthouse at Lighthouse Inn but it was basically a restaurant with a light -- not an actual lighthouse
It would've been great if the sun was out, but I'm happy with the pictures I got.
This was my first view of a beach here in Hyannis.
A view of Hyannisport where the Hy-Line Cruises have their dock (
Another Hyannisport picture taken aboard the traditional ferry we took to Martha's Vineyard
My boys at Veteran's Park Beach which is adjacent to the Hyannis Yacht Club whose many boats you can view from the shore. They served to buffer the waves as well which makes this beach ideal for kids because you don't have to deal with big waves or violent tides.
Veteran's Park beach is right next to the Korean War Memorial and the John F. Kennedy Memorial which we visited. Here are some shells I put together for a possible scrapbook matting.
The water is clean and much warmer than the freezing waters we are used to here in New York. The beach is dotted with shells and the dry sand is combed everyday which makes it ideal for spreading out your beach towel or picnic mat.
We were fortunate enough that the beach wasn't crowded at all the day we went out. That's another big difference from the beaches here in Long Island where the shore can get crowded... very crowded.
There were a few birds that stopped by -- I snapped the pictures here and more...
The plaque at the John F. Kennedy Memorial where there is a fountain where donations can be thrown in. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this fountain although I have portions of it with close ups of Angel.
This breathtaking view of Hyannisport greets you from the memorial.
The presidential seal which greats visitors from the parking lot, behind which the actual memorial is along with the fountain.
CAFFE E DOLCI on Main Street where we would go back several times for coffee and other sweet treats. A good place to chill when you're walking through Main Street which has shops and restaurants.
John F. Kennedy's statue in front of the Kennedy Museum on Main Street.
The entrance to the museum up close. Intimate portraits of the Kennedy family and the First Family and other memorabilia can be found inside.
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