Thoughts on the way home

It’s been a long day. I spent it 56 stories above Manhattan, and although I basically just sat down and made calls, I managed to order a sheet cake for a birthday surprise three hours before we were to unveil it. I feel like I accomplished a lot, but there’s more work to do tomorrow. The good thing is that the boss will be flying again on Wednesday so it should be quiet after that.

I had Angel stay home because of the freezing temperatures and the winds that were in the forecast. I was worried not only about Angel getting sick from the extreme cold and wind, but I was also worried about my mother-in-law who might have difficulty as well.

Days like this makes it prudent to just hop on the express bus home and relax before I get Angel ready for bed.

Motherhood — that’s my second job.

Trying to get on with my reading list

One of my goals for the new year is to read more.  January is practically gone and I haven’t quite made any progress in that department.   Before 2007 ended I had started two books.  I’m going to try to get on with Grisham’s BLEACHERS which should be an easy read.  I just haven’t had the time. 

I have always found great pleasure in reading in addition to whatever entertainment or knowledge I gather from whatever it is I read.  I try to get my hands on a wide range of books, not necessarily the best sellers of the day — but I have learned from previous experience that there are a lot of gems in the bargain racks as well.

So except for the Grishams, Clancys, Buscaglias, Bachs, and those by my other favorite writers whose books I try to grab, I try to keep an eye out for other interesting reads.  It may be something I had heard of or which had been recommended y a magazine — or perhaps it was mentioned in a bulletin from my favorite bookseller.  I have tried very hard to resist the urge to pick up any new ooks until I went through at least six of the dozen or so books on my shelf which I have yet to open — but there is just so much material out there.

Reminder to self: put Grisham’s book in my tote.  I’m already two books behind as I have yet to get my hands on THE INNOCENT MAN and this week he releases THE APPEAL.  All the more I have to get going on my reading list..

Just my boy and I

The weekend passed with us playing in and around a “clubhouse” we built in the living room.  I was able to do some scrapbook layouts even if he was constantly asking me to put the laptop down so he could sit on my lap.  And even if he insisted I stay awake even when I so desperately needed to take a nap after staying up late to watch a movie on DVD, and I had to wake up early at just around 7am when he woke up — it was all worth it.

Freezing temps in the Big Apple

We woke up to (minus) 2 degrees below freezing.  It was one of those days when it was more prudent to just stay home instead of risking Angel getting sick again.  This makes me miss Manila all the more where the coldest of cold mornings is nothing compared to this freezing state.

I’ve been in front of my laptop watching my soaps and scrapbooking.  I just hate that I left my USB keys still connected to my PC at work, so I’m unable to continue working on the scrapbook layouts I had started.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t get to begin others, but I would’ve loved to just keep working on those I’ve begun.

Meanwhile, the cold made me brew some decaf coffee.. The house is comfortably warm, but I have yet to get accustomed to the cold, even when I’m comfortable enough to roam without a sweater.  At least the temperature gives us a justification to stay home since Alan is still away.  Both Angel and I are looking forward to having him home by the middle of the week.  It can’t come soon enough.

The Kapamilya saga continues

So I finally got a response from one of the managers at ABS-CBN Interactive and got a promise of a license at around midnight last night.  It’s past noon today and of course I haven’t gotten the promised new license so I can continue viewing my shows.  I’m thinking the whole process will be triggered in Manila which means I have no hope of viewing my shows until closer to midnight tonight.  That’s a whole weekend blown away when I could’ve easily gone through a dozen episodes of any given show.

No sense crying over spilt milk. 

Monday is a holiday for me but I’m looking forward to spending the day with Angel and two of his cousins at the American Museum of Natural History

The snow that was forecast seems to have decided to go somewhere else.  I’m thankful for the sunshine despite the very cold temperatures.  At least you get the illusion of heat as you see the sun up so brightly.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed I will finally get the license issued so I can start watching those shows again.. I just feel tired after all the energy and emotion it took. I  was already drafting an e-mail to the head of ABS CBN Global and their Customer Relations and Fulfillment officer.  This whole experience just reaks of poor customer service which doesn’t bode well for a company which capitalizes on making it’s audience and customers “part of the family”. 

Kapamilya DAW Part II

It’s been more than 24 hours since I effectively lost access to my ABS CBN Now Premium Account.  This despite the fact that their autorenewal charged my account for the subscription amount last January 15, posting on the 17th.  I feel like I was cheated out of that money, and worse, even if they reinstate my account, I might have to beg for the change of my calendar month as I have already lost out on a day.  What’s worse, it was a weekend when I had so much time to devote to catching up on my favorite shows.

My requests and pleas have fallen on deaf ears.  Then I reminded myself why am I begging when I have every right to demand that the service they promised in return for my payment because I have already parted with my subscription fee.  I am more upset about the frustration of not being able to watch my show more than the nonchallance that their technical support team has demonstrated towards my complaint.  It’s like I’m being forced to renew my subscription when the truth of the matter is that I’ve paid.

And it’s like talking to a blank wall.  You don’t see any name attached to the e-mails asking you questions you had answered three or four e-mails back.  One time I asked for the name of a supervisor, no one had the guts to cough up a name I could actually address.  Talk about making one feel like family.. imagine if I were not a paying customer?  I would be lucky to receive a response.

"Kapamilya" DAW

It’s Martin Luther King Day on Monday and we’re off..  I welcome any and all holidays that give me an excuse to stay home.  It would’ve been doubly welcome had it not been for the fact that Alan is leaving on another business trip to Europe. I wish I could go with him, but it’s not as easy now that Angelo has to tag along (too expensive for a weekend trip!) and it wasn’t like before when I could leave him my Mom.  So I’m staying put.  I’m just going to use the next week and a half to do some organizing, redecorating, and just plain enjoying the time to bond with my little tyke.

I’m tired and exhausted because I’m dealing with ABS-CBN Interactive because of a glitch where they charged me for a subscription to download and view their shows, but somehow the payment did not reflect in their system.  So my subscription was cut just a few hours ago.. and to think I was just busy downloading episodes of the shows I watch up to 2pm earlier. 

Too long a story and mainit na ang ulo ko.  I tried approaching a former classmate who was kind enough to refer me to the head of the department in charge, and I still didn’t get anywhere.  Why would I insist on my privileges being restored for a measly $12.95 if I didn’t already pay that?  I just want to watch my shows.. I have been trading e-mails with them since 8pm and it’s almost midnight. 

It’s sad that the Kapuso network doesn’t offer the same service.  Since ABS-CBN enjoys a monopoly, those of us who have no other choice have to stick with them and sate our hunger for a taste of how things are back home despite the poor service.  I can’t do the cable subscription because I live in a Co-op and we are not allowed to put up dishes outside.  I just want to watch my shows!

If they don’t restore my license, even if the shows are on my hard drive, I cannot view them because they are “locked”.  Instead of going through some of the shows in the past 4 hours, I have had to deal with chicken and egg arguments about this whole situation.  Eh kung binabalik ba nila yung license ko, saka na sila magtalo-talo kung ano ang nangyari, tapos na ang hinagpis ko.  Instead, they want me to renew a subscription I’ve already renewed by that payment charged against my account… they want to get more information that I don’t have…

I feel like I am being taken advantage of.  That license is good for a specified period of time, and while I’d love to use every minute of it, I can only do so when I take a break, when the boys are sleeping, and after I go through the hassle of downloading the shows.  So now that I lost out on 4 hours of time I could’ve been viewing something, I have no way of getting those 4 hours back.

Hay, buhay!

Thinking about Manila

I think we’ve finally found a window of time sometime our Spring (and summer back home) to plan a trip to Manila. I’m all excited planning for it and can’t wait to finalize dates. Alan and I are still playing around with dates trying to figure out a good combination to maximize our stay. It’s just nice to think that we’re finally defining when we’re doing it which makes it closer to being real

I can’t wait…

Going Local

Here I am with minutes to spare before 9am, standing on “my perch” here on the 7 local. The subway car is relatively full but I am not being crowded on any side so I’m happy. My eyelids are heavy with sleep (I’d have my eyes closed, drifting in and out of light sleep if I were seated) but I am desperately trying to stay awake. Happy Monday, I guess.

The snowstorm that threatens other parts of the coast hardly made its presence felt on my side of the corridor. The grass isn’t even matted with white — just spots here and there. The weather forecast is more rain with a possible mix of light now tonight but no storms. Angel will be fine.

Sunday Rain

I started hearing the pitter-patter of rain around an hour ago (around ten-ish) and I just looked out the window and everything is wet outside.  Now I just read from Accuweather that we’re actually expecting some snow.

It doesn’t bode well for a week that starts with no express service on the 7 train (due to some construction) which means a 30-45 minute subway ride compared to the usual 15-20 on the faster line.  I cannot afford not to show up at work tomorrow because the boss returns to the office after almost a week of business travel, and I don’t really know if I will see her again the rest of the week before she takes some time off in conjunction with the Martin Luther King holiday.  So I am planning to go to work come what may.  I am, however, debating about whether or not we should keep Angel at home instead of risking him and my mother-in-law battling the elements at the end of the day.

If the forecast holds, the snow is going to come any moment now.   (It’s 8 mintues to midnight.)  There is a possibility, though, that I might be able to leave work early tomorrow.  “Early” will mean much earlier because again, the commute home will no longer be just an hour but slight longer now.  (Will I brave it with the R train?  Decisions, decisions…)

Meanwhile, I’ve been soaking up “Maging Sino Ka Man Book 1” before I get myself involved with Book 2.  It helps me to keep in touch with Manila-based entertainment, and so far, I get my showbiz fix just watching episode after episode.  I’m taking my time.  No sense in rushing through it.  

It’s been a productive weekend.  I managed to compose several scrapbook layouts I printed out before the weekend, and I can say with pride that my Belgium Scrapbook is taking shape.  I am not even halfway through yet, but it gives me a sense of fulfillment when I see my memories on paper and I get to relive the joy and adventure all over again by looking at those pages.

My bed beckons.. I have an early day tomorrow.  Guess we’re up for another cold week.. just when I thought spring was sending feelers early.