One of the most rewarding finds is reconnecting again with friends of old you have lost contact with.  Last week, Alan bumped into an old friend he had known from college and who we had last seen a few years back.  He was even one of the four best men during our wedding in 2000.  This old friend was also one of the godfathers of my stepson, and Alan was a godfather of his daughter.  He had ventured into turning a personal passion into a business and turned his back on the corporate world.  I have always admired him for having the fire to do that and doing something he truly loved.

Around a year ago, I told Alan I thought I saw this friend of ours in our neighborhood taking the bus with me some mornings.  His first reaction was his friend was now living in some other state and that guy couldn’t have been the same one.  Last week, however, they bumped into each other in a neighborhood pharmacy and it turns out it was him.

We had dinner with his family last night at their home which, it turns out, is just a few blocks from our home.  Talk about it being a small world.  It was great catching up on what had transpired in our respective lives in the last few years.  He is back in the corporate world now, realizing that while he was doing something he was passionate about, there were other things that mattered more like family.

Now we can’t wait to get together with the rest of the gang and to tell everyone he’s back!  Indeed quite a find.. 

I have been mulling about starting a new category here in my blog about my attempts to locate friends from way back and reconnecting again.  Sometimes there are just dead ends, and although I do not believe in the concept of six degrees of separation through and through, I believe in fate and how someone might bump into my “panawagan” (call) here, and lead me to find one of those I’ve been looking for.

Sometimes you don’t even have to go looking before someone finds you.