"Kapamilya" DAW

It’s Martin Luther King Day on Monday and we’re off..  I welcome any and all holidays that give me an excuse to stay home.  It would’ve been doubly welcome had it not been for the fact that Alan is leaving on another business trip to Europe. I wish I could go with him, but it’s not as easy now that Angelo has to tag along (too expensive for a weekend trip!) and it wasn’t like before when I could leave him my Mom.  So I’m staying put.  I’m just going to use the next week and a half to do some organizing, redecorating, and just plain enjoying the time to bond with my little tyke.

I’m tired and exhausted because I’m dealing with ABS-CBN Interactive because of a glitch where they charged me for a subscription to download and view their shows, but somehow the payment did not reflect in their system.  So my subscription was cut just a few hours ago.. and to think I was just busy downloading episodes of the shows I watch up to 2pm earlier. 

Too long a story and mainit na ang ulo ko.  I tried approaching a former classmate who was kind enough to refer me to the head of the department in charge, and I still didn’t get anywhere.  Why would I insist on my privileges being restored for a measly $12.95 if I didn’t already pay that?  I just want to watch my shows.. I have been trading e-mails with them since 8pm and it’s almost midnight. 

It’s sad that the Kapuso network doesn’t offer the same service.  Since ABS-CBN enjoys a monopoly, those of us who have no other choice have to stick with them and sate our hunger for a taste of how things are back home despite the poor service.  I can’t do the cable subscription because I live in a Co-op and we are not allowed to put up dishes outside.  I just want to watch my shows!

If they don’t restore my license, even if the shows are on my hard drive, I cannot view them because they are “locked”.  Instead of going through some of the shows in the past 4 hours, I have had to deal with chicken and egg arguments about this whole situation.  Eh kung binabalik ba nila yung license ko, saka na sila magtalo-talo kung ano ang nangyari, tapos na ang hinagpis ko.  Instead, they want me to renew a subscription I’ve already renewed by that payment charged against my account… they want to get more information that I don’t have…

I feel like I am being taken advantage of.  That license is good for a specified period of time, and while I’d love to use every minute of it, I can only do so when I take a break, when the boys are sleeping, and after I go through the hassle of downloading the shows.  So now that I lost out on 4 hours of time I could’ve been viewing something, I have no way of getting those 4 hours back.

Hay, buhay!

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