The Kapamilya saga continues

So I finally got a response from one of the managers at ABS-CBN Interactive and got a promise of a license at around midnight last night.  It’s past noon today and of course I haven’t gotten the promised new license so I can continue viewing my shows.  I’m thinking the whole process will be triggered in Manila which means I have no hope of viewing my shows until closer to midnight tonight.  That’s a whole weekend blown away when I could’ve easily gone through a dozen episodes of any given show.

No sense crying over spilt milk. 

Monday is a holiday for me but I’m looking forward to spending the day with Angel and two of his cousins at the American Museum of Natural History

The snow that was forecast seems to have decided to go somewhere else.  I’m thankful for the sunshine despite the very cold temperatures.  At least you get the illusion of heat as you see the sun up so brightly.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed I will finally get the license issued so I can start watching those shows again.. I just feel tired after all the energy and emotion it took. I  was already drafting an e-mail to the head of ABS CBN Global and their Customer Relations and Fulfillment officer.  This whole experience just reaks of poor customer service which doesn’t bode well for a company which capitalizes on making it’s audience and customers “part of the family”. 

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