Freezing temps in the Big Apple

We woke up to (minus) 2 degrees below freezing.  It was one of those days when it was more prudent to just stay home instead of risking Angel getting sick again.  This makes me miss Manila all the more where the coldest of cold mornings is nothing compared to this freezing state.

I’ve been in front of my laptop watching my soaps and scrapbooking.  I just hate that I left my USB keys still connected to my PC at work, so I’m unable to continue working on the scrapbook layouts I had started.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t get to begin others, but I would’ve loved to just keep working on those I’ve begun.

Meanwhile, the cold made me brew some decaf coffee.. The house is comfortably warm, but I have yet to get accustomed to the cold, even when I’m comfortable enough to roam without a sweater.  At least the temperature gives us a justification to stay home since Alan is still away.  Both Angel and I are looking forward to having him home by the middle of the week.  It can’t come soon enough.