Freezing Winds

Here in the US, the weather forecast gives you an actual temperature, and then Accuweather gives you what it calls “RealFeel” or how much colder or hotter it actually feels, usually due to colder winds.  It’s currently 24 degrees Fahrenheit outside (which, by itself, is freezing already since 32 is the equivalent of zero in centigrade.)  But here’s the rub — RealFeel is actually 8 degrees.  Cold?  You bet.  It’s the type of cold where you feel it hitting your face with a cutting slap — it can atually hurt.

They say we’re getting some more snow tomorrow.  I’m not particularly thrilled.  But it’s all part and parcel of being where I am.

It’s Friday again and after a tiring week like this one, I’m glad it’s the weekend finally.  We’re probably going to spend a good part of it indoors if the snow is worse than the forecast.  Otherwise, we can go about just having fun as a family like we do.  I’m already planning the outfits I will layer to battle the cold — and I’m definitely wearing my boots.  (I still have memories of my vanity when I thought the snowfall would be less and not more than what was forecast and I walked on the snowcovered sidewalks in my loafer pumps… never again.)

I need to get cereal from Target.  I have a letter or two to write.  And maybe I’ll get to do some scrapbooking again.  I’m not making any definite plans.. not yet anyway.  It’ll get done if it’ll get done.


I have always loved at looking at make up ads and articles in magazines, particularly those that show the make up shades in blobs, streaks or open pots. (I sometimes find myself wishing they could have just given me the make up instead of breaking the lipstick off its tube to photograph for some cosmetics article.)  I would practically drool over the lipstick tubes, the eyeshadow pallettes and the creamy perfecting foundation. To this day, I get a thrill not so much from the gorgeous models as I do from seeing the products themselves.

Being an Asian, my color choices basically fall into two categoris: the pinks and the browns. If I’m wearing black, I usually try to per my color up a bit by leanings towards the pinks. Same as when I’m wearing blue. When I am wearing browns, I go for the beige and red shades. I tried to “tame” down my eye liner before by trying dark brown liners, but I’ve grown completely accustomed to liquid eyeliner now that I have done just plain black. After all, the point of using liquid eyeliner is for emphasis, so why mute something as defining as liquid eyeliner? (I have been using Clinique’s Eye Defining Liquid Liner in Black for three years now.)  If I want something less obvious, I go for pencil eyeliners.

Two things I cannot live without (make up wise, that is) is face powder and lipstick. Even during the weekends when I tend to go out sans full make up, I try to get rid of the “shine” on my face then I make sure to dab some color on my lips. (The Pinay New Yorker uses Clinique’s Perfectly Real Make up in shade 118.) 

I fished through my bag last night and found just under a dozen lip make up items from pencils to glosses.  I wanted to take a picture of them and enumerate them here.  Instead it has made me rethink I should stash half of these tubes back in my make up bin or in another purse.  I have another dozen already stashed away, and there are at least 2 tubes in my office cabinet at work.  Like much of the make up I wear on any particular day, the color I put on my lips depends largely on my wardrobe and my mood.

*  Maybelline Supergloss (520) and Superstay (774)
*  Clinique Glosswear for Lips in Black Honey and another tube in Stellar Plum
*  Face Games in Chili Pepper (This is a private cosmetics line produced by a salon/spa I visited here some years back)
*  MAC Matte Lipstick in Rubine (an ancient shade of fuschia pink I bought more than 10 years ago..)
*  L’Oreal Glam Shine Cream in Sexy Plum
*  GAP Lip Color pallete in PETAL
*  Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Violet Berry
*  The Body Shop’s Mocha Stick Eye and Lip Colour

Ten different lipstick products.  At times I switch from one to another in the middle of the day.  Winter and the current trend makes lip glosses very helpful in keeping my lips moisturized.  The Maybelline lip products are recent purchases originally for pasalubong but which I thought I’d try just for the heck of it.  (The drugstore in my neighborhood has Maybelline on sale at 50% off this week and I had some manufacturer’s coupons which gave me another $2 off.)  The Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Violet Berry was part of the gift with purchase in Bloomingdales.  Again, I don’t normally use the make up products that come with the gift because I am saving that to give away.  I do use the skincare freebies — the items I actually use like the Glosswear for Lips are purchases, not free items.

Sometimes I combine two colors to produce a different effect.  I’d put on the mocha stick as a foundation for a lighter gloss or to make a transparent stain or gloss look opaque.  Or I would use a lighter lipstick base and use the Black Honey lip gloss to darken the hue.  Even during the days when I walk out the door and I put my shades on to hide an unpainted face, I would dab some color into my lips as part of my “Hello, world!” face.

I haven’t been quite as brave to try the lip plumpers because I’m pretty happy with what I pucker up with.  As a rule of thumb, I try to carry at least 2 tubes in my bag in two different shades — you guessed it right: one in pink and one in the red/brown family.  I have girlfriends who have watched in awe as I put on my lipstick without looking at a mirror.  All it takes is practice!

You can never have too much color on your lips — so be generous and take care of them by dressing them up like you would put on those cute flats or drop dead gorgeous pumps.  You’d be surprised at how just a little color can make such a big difference in your total look.  Try it!

Another windy evening

I caught up with this week’s episodes of my Pinoy soaps.  I can’t wait for tomorrow’s downloads so I can get to the exciting conclusion of both.  Don’t ask me which shows because I’m still sour graping from the horrible experience of a few weeks ago when I had to spend the weekend e-mailing a subscription glitch.

Meanwhile, it’s a few minutes to midnight and I am finally here giving you your daily dose of the Pinay New Yorker.

I have a post on make up waiting in the wings, but I haven’t had the time to finish it.  There’s always tomorrow and if not, the weekend.  Work has kept me rather busy.  I haven’t even had the time to do any scrapbooking which is rare.  Not that there have been no lulls — just that there hasn’t been that much time to spare. 

I’ve been on a Lightning McQueen Candy hunt which has been a continuing challenge.  A local drugstore has advertised them in the form of marshmallow pops but the only one out of the three I’ve visited which had admitted to having had them on stock has run out.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll eventually snag some.  In the meantime, it’s time to plan an Easter goodie treat for the daycare kids in Angel’s class. 

I can hear the wind beating against the windows outside.  We’re supposed to drop below freezing again tomorrow which brings me to the question of whether or not it would be wise to send the little boy to school.  (I can already hear Alan saying that is not a reason to miss school — otherwise he will get used to it.) 

So in the meantime, the coffee is ready to brew tomorrow at 6am.  I even had to grind a fresh batch of beans that should last me the next couple of days.  I had promised myself I would start a longhand letter tonight but alas, the bed beckons and my stationery is still in my tote.  I will do it tomorrow instead.  The scrapbook can wait.

Blogging on the Bus

We do what we have to do. I tried to do a post last night but I had to help fold the little boy’s laundry, then Law and Order Criminal Intent came in with a most interesting episode which really got me hooked well past midnight.

I’m back to my preferred outlet of “venting”… Or just blabbing…I haven’t been writing here as much as I would’ve wanted to. (Just as I haven’t been reading as much as I want to.). Here I go again with my “wish” that there be 36 hours to a day. 24 just isn’t enough. But I know there was wisdom behind the grand scheme of things to the whole 24-hour bit. So that’s the end of that.

I’m on an express bus speeding towards the midtown tunnel. (No, I’m not working in our office on Park Avenue today — I’m just dropping off something.). It’s a cloudy day in Manhattan and we’re bracing ourselves for a lot of rain. Me, I’m just thinking of the sunny day the weatherman promised for tomorrow.

Finally time to blog

As you can see, I’m on a roll.  This is already my third post on this blog with one cross post to my other blog, Motherhood, Etc.  I just finished washing the last of the plates used for dinner as well as the pots and pans.  I’ve already stored the leftovers in containers that have found their spot in the fridge.  I’m holding off on preparing tomorrow’s coffee (Thank heavens for the programmable coffeemaker!) for just before I turn in closer to or just after midnight later.  I have more or less an hour and a half to do a few other chores and maybe do a blogpost or two more.

I look to the right where Angel’s activity table is and I see three tubes of fingerpaint which I always keep out of sight and out of reach during the week.  I always make sure I’m beside him when he does his fingerpainting and he created three paintings today.  The crayons are not as “dangerous” not only because they are washable but more so because he’s gotten used to the simple rule that we write and draw ON PAPER and not on the walls.  (Note to self: Stow the tubes!)

I don’t know what it is about the kitchen sink that makes me think about things to write about or ponder upon — I don’t exactly get that same dose of “enlightenment” or “introspection” when I’m cleaning the bathroom.  Is it the water?  Is it the sense of accomplishment that washing gives me?  The only other chore that makes me think in the same vein is when I handwash items that shouldn’t go into the washing machine or to the cleaners.  I haven’t been doing that much of late, though.

I don’t even know where to begin.  Do I talk about makeup?  Which book to pick up next?  My spaghetti shortcut?  (Not quite as simple as throwing a jar of spaghetti sauce on the noodles… my boys deserve something more substantial than that..)  My Sunday today?  Thinking about it is something to write about in itself.

We stayed home this Sunday so I snuck out of the house as father son napped, and I walked to the corner stores and checked out the sales at the neighborhood RiteAid, the 99 cents store, then I stopped by Dunkin Donuts and picked up Alan’s banana split and munchkins for merienda.  It’s been a productive day for me even if I haven’t had the chance to do any scrapbooking.  (Three posts in a day — THAT’s productive.)  I even managed to put an order for a FreshDirect grocery delivery for Tuesday.  (Convenience with a capital “C”!)

I like staying home but it usually means spending the better part of the day in the kitchen.  I made some bistek with a side of plantains for lunch, and it was spaghetti this evening.  I am exhausted but I enjoy staying home with the family.

The snow is still very much present although the trickling of it melting means it will be gone soon.  That is, of course, unless we get another sprinkling or more like downpour of snow.  (Just went and checked the forecast at AccuWeather and it looks like we might get some snow tomorrow evening and rain by Tuesday..)  I really can’t wait for spring!

Time to get on with the last minute chores.. have to get Angel’s sheet and blanket ready for daycare, put away the finger paint, prepare the coffeemaker.  Then maybe for once I won’t be rushing through my evening ritual with my face as I rush to heed the call of my pillow. I’m thinking “Dessert”. There’s some vanilla ice cream in the freezer but I’m trying to be good. 

I’m trying to decide if I’ll go to work with red lips or a pale shade of beige.  Is tomorrow one of those days when I can finally come to work wearing a skirt?  Nah.. might still be too cold.  Of course I’m going to wear boots as I’m dying to wear these textured tights I bought a few weeks ago, but still… Decisions, decisions..

Let’s go back to dessert..

Goodie Bag Item Hunting

As I had written below and expounded on in my other blog on Motherhood, I’ve started planning for Angel’s birthday in May.  I want to be able to get most of the goodies here so that I can ship them home via door-to-door courier in time.

Yesterday I found myself in Walmart as Alan and Angel browsed the CD racks of Best Buy.  Although we are often in the area, I rarely find myself shopping there despite the bargains because Alan finds it too aggravating to jostle with the crowd.  (By way of illustration, there were actually people cursing each other out on the other aisle.)  I just wanted to see what bargains I can pick up, and true enough, the Lightning McQueen fruit snacks from Kellogg’s I was looking for were on sale.  I left the store with 8 boxes of 10 small packets each.  (40 for Manila, 24 for daycare.)

Today I snuck out of the house after Angelo dozed off in the afternoon and decided to check out the dollar store in my neighborhood.  As luck would have it, there were giveaways galore with various Disney characters on them! I snatched up a 5-piece set of 2 pencils, sharpener, eraser and mini notebook.  I only got 16 sets because they had run out, but I think I’ll just buy Winnie the Pooh and Tinkerbell for the remaining sets.  They had 8-piece markers and fancy pencils with erasers as well as the mini-notebooks sold in pairs that I can actually pull together to make up for 20 or 25 sets for the boys. 

In this week’s ad of RiteAid was an ad for Disney Cars Marshmallow Pops (1.5 oz.) which I excitedly went to the store for, but which, apparently they had already run out of..  I’m hoping to find the item in other RiteAid stores in my part of New York, or in other drugstores where they usually sell single item chocolates or candy.

I’m the crazy Mom going around planning this early, I know.  It’s really gotten me all energized, plus the thought that our guests
back in Manila will find the goodies in our gift bag unique and a real treat indeed makes it all the more challenging.  So I’m hoping I can find this in some other store before it runs out this Easter season.  Wish me luck!

"Should I go to law school or not, Atty. Dinns?"

That is a question that I have often been asked by young legal hopefuls.  Depending on whether I have the time or not or if I am in the mood to “impart my wisdom,” I always start and end my answer with “(i)t all depends on how much you really want to be a lawyer.”I’m back to one of my favorite topics thanks to a comment from Sheryl which she made in reference to my post on “Feedback on Feedback: Chasing the dream to be a legal eagle“.  Thanks for your comment, Sheryl, and I want you to know I’m always thrilled when those who bump into my corner of the blogsphere make their presence felt with a comment.  Good luck with the entrance exams..Which brings me back to the question which I have chosen to use as the title for this post.  Is it hard?  Yes, it is.  Is it worth it?  It depends on what your answer is to how much you really want to be a lawyer.  Even passing the entrance exam to your school of choice is not a guarantee that you will be one, but if you have the fire in you to conquer all no matter what obstacles may come your way, then you will have a fighting chance.It’s not even how intelligent or smart you may be, or how eloquent or verbally proficient you are — even the genuises have folded in the face of a struggle to attain something that is not truly in their hearts.  Like when one pursues a legal education to keep the family law firm going..  it has to be YOUR dream.  Good luck to all the legal hopefuls out there.. here’s hoping that those who truly have that dream in their hearts will find themselves a step closer as the school of their choice accepts them.

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Planning a birthday party in May

My little tyke turns four in May.  I know it’s not even March yet but I’m already planning his party.  We’re going to do a big one in Manila where his cousins on both sides are.  Before we leave, I want to do a small party in daycare, too, which is much simpler, just cakes, balloons and giveaways.

Definitely doing a “CARS” (Lightning McQueen and the whole gang) party.  I heard that the goodie bags are already available in Divisoria.  I want to bring home a few of the giveaways from here.  I already have an idea about what things I want to put in.  Just need to pull it together.  More on this in my other blog on Motherhood.  I’ve been busy surfing around. 

Read more..

A long day

I woke up to falling snow that didn’t quite stop until around midday.  Then it started falling again and after it stopped, it began to rain.  I was fortunate enough that the boss told me to work from home.  While it spared me what would’ve been a horrendous commute, I sat here with my laptop working through the day.  And it had to be one of those days when a disgruntled client decided to go to the top boss to voice a complaint, taking all of half an hour to tell me what they expected of us.  The good thing was, it was a very calm and collected man on the other end instead of a screaming, crazy man which others end up talking to.  We all stayed home so lunch and dinner were major productions also.  So yes, I am tired.

But it was worth it just staying indoors and spending time with Angelo.  Alan took advantage of the opportunity to just lay down and rest.  There were moments when I wanted to shoo Angelo away, but I reminded myself it only took ten seconds to let him hug me and hug him back, while it would take a minute or more to ward his show of affection off.  And what better way to get through a tiring day than to get a heartfelt hug and kiss.

Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.