Update: My Mug Collection

A fellow Starbucks mug collector, Mina, stopped by and left me a comment.  (Thanks for stopping by, Mina..) 

I have been hoping to continue cataloguing (sp?) my mug collection but it’s not one of my priorities right now.  Besides, I still feel bad about breaking one of my mugs, and it hurts that it was one of the newer ones from Alan’s trip to Phoenix.  It somehow slipped from my grasp as I was bringing it to the kitchen sink.  It fell on the carpet so only the handle was shattered, but the mug was nonetheless broken.  I don’t want to dwell on it because I don’t want to get obssessed with getting a replacement.

There is still no Starbucks in Belgium, so the last trip saw no new addition to my collection. =(

I’ll get over it.

0 thoughts on “Update: My Mug Collection

  1. Oh I know what you mean about Belgium not having Starbucks! I went around Brussels and Brugge in 2005, trying to find a darn city mug, but they didn’t even have a single store in the country. *SIGH.


  2. No Starbucks in Belgium? That comes as a surprise to me.

    Talking about mugs, I was sad to learn that my husband broke my favorite yellow Smiley mug. 😦 Months before that, he broke the Smiley coaster.


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