The Weekend that was

It’s 9am and I’m just hopping on the subway which is still “local only” due to some construction on the 7 line.

It was a long weekend for me as Alan and I agreed to both take a day off for no particular reason other than to have a long weekend. We took advantage of the extra day to do a major batch of laundry and finally catch CLOVERFIELD which is still playing in some theatres around us. (It would’ve been so much better had it not made me dizzy because it was, after all, supposedly seen from the perspective of someone shooting a home video.).

We did our malling afterwards with Angelo as Saturday was supposed to be reserved for a reunion of sorts between Alan and his college Filipino friends here in New York. Angel now eats Teriyaki chicken with his usual rice and corn and we got him his toy in the other mall. (Warning to those who are thinking of going to Toys R’Us at Roosevelt Field Mall — they are moving next to the Disneystore by Macy’s and will be closed for renovation until March.)

I somehow managed to resist the urge to shop — not for lack of any good bargains, but more out of pragmatism as I already pretty much had what I needed. Besides, Disney had an additional 20-30% off (depending on your final total) so my “pasalubong” quota was pretty much spoken for. (Attachable backpacks and lunchtotes which would’ve cost me $30+ combined now went for $10 after all the discounts.). I am trying to get a few “sets” but instead of buying them all at the same time, I buy one set each time I get something new for Angelo. I have also learned to budget my “pasalubong” shopping by spreading it through the six months prior to my actual trip, so I think I’m in pretty good shape.

Save for the “reunion” with Alan’s friends (the guys were the four bestmen at our wedding), it was a pretty uneventful weekend. It was noteworthy, though, because it was the first time we managed to leave Angel with minimal tears as we explained to him we were going to a grown up party. He was very brave about it, trying desperately not to cry as he waved good bye to us from the windowsill. We’re hoping he’ll eventually be okay with it so much so that we’d be able to go on our usual movie dates on a Saturday afternoon.

It was great to see old friends. We were in touch with two of the four pretty regularly, but a third couple had “disappeared” from all of our lives for the longest time. Their resurfacing was also the reason for the reunion and we all had a lot of laughs reminiscing and just catching up.

I really didn’t do much scrapbooking over the weekend, though, but I am almost glad it turned out that way because it allowed me to blog and do some reading.

Sunday, we just stayed home. I even afforded myself the luxury of an afternoon nap which I took with the boys. It was almost dark by the time we woke up, but we all felt refreshed.

Here’s the workweek starting again — and I am grateful for the weekend just passed. Friday, after all, is just a few more days away.