Yes, no Starbucks in Belgium

In response to comments from Mina and Jayred regarding my post about the absence of Starbucks in Belgium.

I have made it a point to find the nearest Starbucks to wherever we are headed, and it did shock me at first to find that there was none in Belgium. There are even online petitions for Starbucks to bring their business to the country. Of all the countries Alan frequents because of his job, Belgium is the only country we have yet to get a mug of. (I already have Paris, Zurich, and Geneva.) Friends have given me London, Berlin, Hamburg and Madrid. In Asia, I have Manila, Cebu and Singapore. Then I received an Australia mug from my bestfriend, Donna. And there is my growing US city and occasion collection which grows a mug or two (or three) when a new series comes up.