Freezing and still getting colder

It’s minutes to midnight and Alan and I are trying to come to a decision on whether or not we will send Angel to daycare tomorrow.  It’s not that it’s simply cold, but the winds are even worse and it’s supposed to be the coldest day tomorrow.  It was snowing a bit earlier but we didn’t really get any major snowfall.  It was just cold enough to keep the snow on the ground visible instead of melting away as it would’ve if it wasn’t as cold as it is tonight.

It’s currently 19 degrees Fahrenheit which feels like four degrees, and way below freezing which is 32 degrees.  Tomorrow, it’s supposed to go up to 27 degrees feeling like 9 which is still lbad.  We can bring him to school and I can leave work early to pick him up, but that means exposing him to the cold between the house and the daycare center which is just three or so blocks away, and it means a ten to fifteen minute or so walk all the same.

So I’m thinking we should just leave him at home with my mother-in-law.  Alan got a firsthand dose of the bitter cold when he stepped out to throw the trash.  And he says it was bad.

I guess it’s time to bundle up.  Even without the snow, the cold is terribly brutal.  We’ve really had it pretty mild so far, but I guess the winter is here and letting its presence felt full blast.  Right now I’m thinking of the Midwest where it gets really bad.  (I hope Lou isn’t having it too bad.)  We’ll just play it by ear and see how bad things are tomorrow.

As the wind batters my window

… here I am attempting a weekend blogpost. 

It’s a bit of a struggle trying to type spontaneously when the letters “n” and “b” on my keyboard are acting up on me.  (Gave it a nudge and looks like the keys are back… my bad — a piece of something got caught in the key and I adventurously pried it out.  Of course it wasn’t quite as easy putting it back.)

But the laptop is working, the connection is there, and I’ve been busy.  We’re trying to tidy up the house to give it a new look.  It’s that time of the year and Alan’s already thinking of a raclette party.  I love raclette but we have to get the grill first.  And he’s also thinking of a full size fondue pot.  My mini fondue pot courtesy of Ikea is really good for desserts only.

It’s been a productive day.  I am typing away here waiting for my color wash to fully develop so I can hit the shower.  We did Angel’s laundry, I fixed my closet.  I’m weeding through my scrapbook materials which is stirring inspiration for a separate blogpost altogether… surprisingly, I threw out some of the earlier items I had gathered for scrapbooking.  (More on that when I get the chance to write the post.)

I am ending the day really exhausted, but I keep seeing Angel smiling with glee, singing with such gusto and surprising Alan and I with “Scrumptuous” and “Kung Hei Fat Choy”.

Happy Monday!