Working from home

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning.  The rain wasn’t that heavy but it didn’t look too good outside.  In the end I decided to work from home.  Alan wanted to walk Angel to school instead of driving, and I didn’t want to take the chance with this inclement weather.  So we decided Angel and I will stay home.  It hasn’t exactly been a breeze, because I AM working.  It actually isn’t easy doing my work and trying to keep the tyke at bay.  More so when he comes to me and asks for a hug which means I have to put the laptop aside and hold him in my arms.  Of course I waste no time in hugging him because feeling his arms around refreshes me like nothing else.

He’s still playing with his cars.  I finally cut the connection to work, and I’m off duty.  I wanted to take a quick trip to the grocery but he wouldn’t let me out.  So I stayed home and will just order groceries through my favorite online grocer – Fresh Direct

I may have just stayed home but I feel tired.  I didn’t even get to do any scrapping or any housechores.  It was just another workday as always, save that I didn’t leave the house.

The biggest perk is having spent the day with my boy — and that’s one thing I love about the arrangements we have in my new job.

After the snow came the rain

Our winter is still pretty mild compared to previous winters when we were uried in snow.  Still, today was a challenge.  The snow started falling mid-afternoon.  We had already decided I would fetch Angel.  I figured it wouldn’t be too bad, but we weren’t risking my mother-in-law getting injured in the midst of the snowfall. 

I managed to leave work at 6:30.  I e-mailed the boss requesting for permission to leave work early and then I gave a brief explanation.  Even before I could go and look at any new e-mails, the phone rang and it was the boss telling me of course I can.  I hurried home on the 7 local which turned “express” midway then “local” again.  By the time I got to the bus stop that would take me to our neighborhood, the line snaked around already which wasn’t good news considering there was a policy I had to get Angel by 6pm.  I decided I would walk to the second stop and try to get the bus there.  I slipped once or twice on the way which didn’t bode well for the walk back.  I was raring to take a taxi, but there were no taxis in sight.

When I finally got on the bus, I had barely half an hour to get to the daycare center, and the bus was basically cruising because of the slippery road.  It was a miracle that I got to the daycare center just a few minutes after 6pm, and the administrators told me that they perfectly understood so it was not being taken against us.

Angel hesitated going out the door when he saw how hard the snow was falling.  I whipped out the umbrella which didn’t totally keep us dry because of the strong winds, but it at least protected Angel’s and my face from being hit head on by the snowfall.

We walked carefully on the freshly fallen snow which was still slippery at some points.  I know it was not wise for me to have gone to work in loafers, but the forecast was just an inch of snow supposed to really start falling at night yet.  This was one time the weather forecast didn’t fail — it actually exceeded expectations and caught me offguard.  (So yes, I’m going to work tomorrow wearing snow boots.)

Holding the umbrella in one hand and trying to guide Angel with the other, we managed to get home somehow.  I had to entertain him to keep him going in the heavy snowfall.  And we did make it home.  We had to shake the snow off at the stair landing and then we went up to the warmth of the heated room. 

Now it’s raining.  That’s no good when the snow just fell because it will turn the snow into ice which is dangerous to walk on.  Then it’s supposed to snow again.

This is our equivalent of a storm although as I said, we’re still having it pretty mild here.  Can’t wait til Spring finally arrives.