Lines that make me fall in love (with him) over and over again

In the spirit of celebrating this day of hearts, here are a few lines that still give me a different kind of thrill when I recall the time Alan said them to me.

“Thank you for coming into my life.” (Dedication that came with a dozen roses the first few weeks we realized we were falling in love.)

“I can’t even imagine living my life without you anymore.”. (Uttered spontaneously while driving during our first year of marraige.)

“Kasama nga namin yan habang-buhay…” (Heard uttered at least 7 times a week.)

“I never enjoyed Brussels until I explored it with you.” (This after 3 previous trips to what proved to be a most interesting city, and after walking back and forth what is Europe’s most beautiful town square at least a dozen times.)

“Lablab.” (Signed on every text message and e-mail, and said in place of “goodbye” during phonecalls.)

Christmas of the Hearts (2008)

I don’t remember where or when I saw this date being referred to as being the Christmas of the hearts, but won’t you agree it’s true? It’s a time to give to the one who holds our hearts in their hands. It’s a time to honor the one we love.

Alan has always made it a memorable occasion for us as a couple, and each passing year makes us look back on how we continue to grow closer together as friends, lovers and partners in life. It’s a never-ending journey we have chosen to make together, and all I can say is that I’m so happy to be the one whose hand he holds as we go through each passing day.

I have had other valentines, but none as meaningful as the one’s I’ve shared with this man I wake up next to each day.

Good morning, Sunshine!

The sun finally came out today in full glory despite the still very cold temperatures. It was as if it wanted to join in on the valentine’s day celebration. I was rather surprised to find that a lot of people on the floor were actually wearing red. Not that I made a conscious effort to avoid it, I just forgot.

It’s my 8th Valentine’s Day with the hubby, and I still look forward to it with much anticipation every time.