A Leisurely afternoon in Manhattan

It’s a long weekend so we usually leave the office just after lunch, but it just so happened we had to take care of a few things this afternoon. So I left the office at 3pm and I hopped on a bus to the city to pick up a few things.

I haven’t quite made up my mind which store will be my first stop, but I’m a woman with a mission this afternoon. I’m just enjoying the ride, the sights, and hoping I get to do my shopping as planned.

First stop was Lord and Taylor on 5th and 39th. I’m trying to get my gift(s) for Alan and I was kind of hoping that I would be able to find the make up kits I picked up over the holidays still being sold. No luck on both counts. I decided to walk down to THE store — Macy’s Herald Square. And as expected, I found my gift, a Kenneth Cole automatic watch which had a window that showed the clock mechanism inside. As Alan keeps saying, one cannot really ever have too many watches. Whatever makes him happy makes me happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey.