Another Special Valentine's Day

I’ve always made it a point to “chronicle” where we have our Valentine date because that’s one reason I’m blogging.  It helps me remember and go back to the special times in my life.

It’s our eighth valentine together although we’ve only beem married over 7 years.  Our first one was back in Manila before I became Mrs. Gonzalez, back in the old location of Schwarzwalder.  Other valentine dates were at One if by land, Two if by Sea in 2001, Le Colonial in 2002, (for some reason, I’m missing 2003..) Annisa in 2004, Le e’cluse in Paris for 2005, DB Bistro Moderne in 2006, Artisanal in 2007, and this year, it was 21 Club.  (This enumeration corrects the wrong order of restaurants in this post where I mistakenly put Annisa for 2003 instead of 2004.  I was pregnant with Angelo then, so I am sure it was 2004.)

We have never repeated a restaurant but were thinking of doing Artisanal again, but the restaurant was fully booked even for Friday when we wanted to go for our annual valentine dinner.  So Alan picked 21 Club which proved to be an interesting and totally enjoyable choice.  The food was well worth it even if pricey, and the service worth the money as well. 

Here’s to more valentine dates, Honey.. =)