Planning a birthday party in May

My little tyke turns four in May.  I know it’s not even March yet but I’m already planning his party.  We’re going to do a big one in Manila where his cousins on both sides are.  Before we leave, I want to do a small party in daycare, too, which is much simpler, just cakes, balloons and giveaways.

Definitely doing a “CARS” (Lightning McQueen and the whole gang) party.  I heard that the goodie bags are already available in Divisoria.  I want to bring home a few of the giveaways from here.  I already have an idea about what things I want to put in.  Just need to pull it together.  More on this in my other blog on Motherhood.  I’ve been busy surfing around. 

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A long day

I woke up to falling snow that didn’t quite stop until around midday.  Then it started falling again and after it stopped, it began to rain.  I was fortunate enough that the boss told me to work from home.  While it spared me what would’ve been a horrendous commute, I sat here with my laptop working through the day.  And it had to be one of those days when a disgruntled client decided to go to the top boss to voice a complaint, taking all of half an hour to tell me what they expected of us.  The good thing was, it was a very calm and collected man on the other end instead of a screaming, crazy man which others end up talking to.  We all stayed home so lunch and dinner were major productions also.  So yes, I am tired.

But it was worth it just staying indoors and spending time with Angelo.  Alan took advantage of the opportunity to just lay down and rest.  There were moments when I wanted to shoo Angelo away, but I reminded myself it only took ten seconds to let him hug me and hug him back, while it would take a minute or more to ward his show of affection off.  And what better way to get through a tiring day than to get a heartfelt hug and kiss.

Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.