Goodie Bag Item Hunting

As I had written below and expounded on in my other blog on Motherhood, I’ve started planning for Angel’s birthday in May.  I want to be able to get most of the goodies here so that I can ship them home via door-to-door courier in time.

Yesterday I found myself in Walmart as Alan and Angel browsed the CD racks of Best Buy.  Although we are often in the area, I rarely find myself shopping there despite the bargains because Alan finds it too aggravating to jostle with the crowd.  (By way of illustration, there were actually people cursing each other out on the other aisle.)  I just wanted to see what bargains I can pick up, and true enough, the Lightning McQueen fruit snacks from Kellogg’s I was looking for were on sale.  I left the store with 8 boxes of 10 small packets each.  (40 for Manila, 24 for daycare.)

Today I snuck out of the house after Angelo dozed off in the afternoon and decided to check out the dollar store in my neighborhood.  As luck would have it, there were giveaways galore with various Disney characters on them! I snatched up a 5-piece set of 2 pencils, sharpener, eraser and mini notebook.  I only got 16 sets because they had run out, but I think I’ll just buy Winnie the Pooh and Tinkerbell for the remaining sets.  They had 8-piece markers and fancy pencils with erasers as well as the mini-notebooks sold in pairs that I can actually pull together to make up for 20 or 25 sets for the boys. 

In this week’s ad of RiteAid was an ad for Disney Cars Marshmallow Pops (1.5 oz.) which I excitedly went to the store for, but which, apparently they had already run out of..  I’m hoping to find the item in other RiteAid stores in my part of New York, or in other drugstores where they usually sell single item chocolates or candy.

I’m the crazy Mom going around planning this early, I know.  It’s really gotten me all energized, plus the thought that our guests
back in Manila will find the goodies in our gift bag unique and a real treat indeed makes it all the more challenging.  So I’m hoping I can find this in some other store before it runs out this Easter season.  Wish me luck!

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