Freezing Winds

Here in the US, the weather forecast gives you an actual temperature, and then Accuweather gives you what it calls “RealFeel” or how much colder or hotter it actually feels, usually due to colder winds.  It’s currently 24 degrees Fahrenheit outside (which, by itself, is freezing already since 32 is the equivalent of zero in centigrade.)  But here’s the rub — RealFeel is actually 8 degrees.  Cold?  You bet.  It’s the type of cold where you feel it hitting your face with a cutting slap — it can atually hurt.

They say we’re getting some more snow tomorrow.  I’m not particularly thrilled.  But it’s all part and parcel of being where I am.

It’s Friday again and after a tiring week like this one, I’m glad it’s the weekend finally.  We’re probably going to spend a good part of it indoors if the snow is worse than the forecast.  Otherwise, we can go about just having fun as a family like we do.  I’m already planning the outfits I will layer to battle the cold — and I’m definitely wearing my boots.  (I still have memories of my vanity when I thought the snowfall would be less and not more than what was forecast and I walked on the snowcovered sidewalks in my loafer pumps… never again.)

I need to get cereal from Target.  I have a letter or two to write.  And maybe I’ll get to do some scrapbooking again.  I’m not making any definite plans.. not yet anyway.  It’ll get done if it’ll get done.