Ateneo tops the Bar!

My alma mater did me proud again!!

1. Mercedita L. Ona, Ateneo De Manila University, 83.55
2. Jennifer Ong, University of the Philippines-Diliman, 83.35
3. Yvanna BL Maalat, Ateneo, 82.75
4. Jennie C. Aclan, University of San Carlos, 82.10
5. John Michael F. Galauran, University of Nueva Caceres, 81.60
6. Karen S. Canullas, San Sebastian College, 81.40
7. Cecille L. Mejia, Ateneo De Manila University, 81.35
Sheryl Ann D. Tizon, University of the Philippines-Diliman, 81.35
8. Marforth T. Fua, San Beda College, 81.20
9. Ruby M. Luy, Ateneo De Davao University, 81.15
10. Christian B. Llido, University of Cebu, 80.90
Vivian S. Tan, University of the Philippines-Diliman, 80.90

Click here for the complete list.

Working my way to the ending

Life has been so hectic of late that I haven’t had the chance to keep up with my Pinoy soaps.  Imagine, Maging Sino Ka Man Book II has finally ended!  I’ve downloaded all the episodes and finally I’m getting to the ending an episode at a time. 

I’ve also decided to pick up the books I had started to read and start reading again.  Things have been moving in stops and starts in that department.  March came and went without me finishing a single book and that has really set me back in terms of my goals.

I have to start packing for a weekend trip while setting things in order for our trip home next month.  Although I alredy sent a huge chunk of the pasalubongs home, I have the special ones I have yet to get.  It was so much easier to decide the “generic” gifts — it’s the special ones that are taking a while.

Lunch for the little tyke

I just finished making some Nilagang Manok for Angel and some macaroni to put in it, and now he is telling me he only wants macaroni.  (Frustrated Mom rolling her eyes up to the ceiling.)  One thing about an almost four year old who can now talkisi in complete sentences is that he can better communicate what he wants, he now has the ability to actually argue his case when he is in disagreement with the grown ups of the house.  I don’t know if he got it from me or his Dad but he can be very stubborn.

He is slowly but surely recovering from another bronchial infection — he’s practically his old self save for the very occasional cough that tells you there’s something trying to get out of his chest.  He’s up and about and we’re both watching NOGGIN.  (Alan is snoring away in the bedroom taking his power nap — something I indulge him during the weekends because this is the only time he can actually take things easy.)  Let me try to convince the boy he needs his soup.

Another New York Weekend

We’re heading for the city in a bit because my boys are watching Go Diego, LIVE! at the Radio City Music Hall this morning.  Alan and I have made it a policy to have just one of us watch shows like this because the tickets are rather expensive, and we really just need to chaperone Angelo. 

I’m just going around the city while they watch the show and try and check out the sales in some of my favorite stores in the city, as well as shooting pictures at Rockefeller Center and the surrounding area.  For once I will have two complete hours without rushing through “errands” and things I want to do like what happens when I try to do this between leaving the office and catching my bus home.  There are so many things to do and see I’m getting all excited by the thought of going around my favorite haunts and I’m already planning my 2 hours.

I’ll probably start at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) where I grab my two free tickets (courtesy of my employer’s corporate membership) and then I pick out two people falling in line to buy tickets to give it to.  I always get such a kick out of the look of surprise and their joy when I hand it to them.  People usually think there’s a catch to it and then it dawns on them I’m just giving it away and they’re just thrilled to be saving the museum entrance fee.  I’ve been a tourist in areas where museums are a main attraction like Paris, and I would be totally floored if someone did me the same favor somewhere, so I like giving that kind of pleasant surprise to others.  (Imagine me going to the ticket machines at the Louvre and then being stopped short as someone hands me a pass.. )

I have a few stores I want to visit and I don’t think I’ll get any further than Midtown.  So it’ll be “Walk, walk, walk” for me.

Even for a New Yorker like myself, going around the city on a leisurely stroll is something that doesn’t quite come as naturally as walking the streets in the course of a regular day.  Our weekends are spent in the suburbs unless we have something specific that we need to do in the city.  We do go on occasional trips to have brunch at one of our many favorite places, or to catch a show like the boys are doing which is once in a blue moon.  (We do try to watch one show a year at least.. but when you live in a city as dynamic as New York, there are definitely so many other things to do besides watch plays on Broadway.)

Time for me to get ready.  The boy needs a bath and I have to clean up the breakfast plates off of the sink.  Motherhood calls.. Manhattan awaits!

Flights booked!

We’re finally confirmed to go home soon!  Although we normally went to a general wholesaler of flights to the Philippines, my neighbor Liv had told us she had booked a very good fare online through Cathay Pacific.  Although this is one of the more expensive airlines compared to other carriers, their fare was very competitive against other known more reasonable fares.

We were able to book flights priced by Korean and Asiana at $965.00 for just a few dollars over $1,000.  While we like Korean Airlines for its price and service, Cathay Pacific is definitely our airline of choice if the price was the same or almost the same.  So we are booked to go! 

Both Alan and I have flown with them separately and we know that their service is very good.  Food wise — airline food is airline food but we want to stay with the companies that will give us rice for the little tyke.  So if you’re planning a trip home anytime soon, humor me and go to the website and try and plot your trip.  If you’re thinking about May or June, you have a very good chance of booking just under a thousand if you leave on a weekday.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

I came across this article yesterday which underscores the evolving social make up of the US as more and more immigrants come in.When you dial any general information or customer service number, you are given the option to procceed in English or Spanish — yes, in the land of apple pie. Little wonder that many Spanish-speaking immigrants don’t feel the need to learn the English language as they can get by with a smattering of it, since Spanish is generally spoken.

In parts where there are large Asian populations, there is also a huge percentage of immigrants who don’t speak English, leaving a lot of bus drivers frustrated. Of course we Filipinos somehow managed not to be lumped together with “the rest” as we are generally conversant in the language, although we all have different accents. The thing is, we know the language.

While this Judge’s ruling may be a tad bit unusual, I can’t help but agree with the point he is trying to make.

Truly mine!

If you have noticed that this place looks like it had a facelift, it’s just me tweaking things after I decided this space was worth paying for.  I had vacillated between transferring to another provider or just upgrading from free to something more permanent.  After looking at options, my decision is to stay put and just “grow” this little corner of mine.

I have been rather busy at work so I haven’t had the chance to do much.  I’m fighting the urge to crawl into bed — I just wanted to stop by here a moment. 

"Me" time

I left the office after my usual 6pm exit from work and I made a decision to hop on a bus to Fifth Avenue to check out one of my favorite Gap branches which always has great bargains when it’s SALE season like it is right now.

So I waited for the bus and resolved to walk to my ride home from the other side of the block after doing a quick sweep of what’s “up to 40% off” as their e-mail ad said. I’ve come across a lot of great finds on such shopping expeditions, and I just don’t want to have to end up with slim pickings after everyone has had their turn shopping the sale.

It’ll be a quick stop, though, as I want to get home at a reasonable hour to make a decent dinner for Alan. I’m here.. Time to get off the bus..


No, I didn’t find anything compelling enough to move me to buy — although I noticed their Spring line looks VERY promising. Perhaps after I’ve lost some more weight and the buttons don’t stand agape by the “two mountains” I might pick up one or two. I am also trying to plan on my Manila wardrobe.

There were good bargains but not shop-til-you-drop prices like the last time I picked a few ballet flats for $10 a piece, down from their original $39.99. I can wait…

The Body Shop Mocha Stick

I received a question by way of a comment regarding the above item, but since the author did not leave an e-mail address now a working URL, it will remain unpublished but not unanswered.

I bought mine during a sale for $1 at the Body Shop over at South Street Seaport in Manhattan, back in 2005. I’d watch out for a similar shade or color towards summer when the shade works. As you know, even make up is seasonal here.

Awake at 1am New York Time

I’ve spent the better part of the evening packing two balikbayan boxes which my courrier is picking up tomorrow between 12nn-4pm. 

I figured 2 boxes was plenty but with a fourth of the stuff in the boxes being hand-me-downs or discarded clothing from our closets, a fourth belonging to my mom and a fourth comprising goodies for Angelo’s birthday party, I had to squeeze in the supplies I wanted to take and other pasalubong into the final quarter of space.  I figured if the cargo left anytime this week, it would have plenty of time to get to the Philippines before Angel’s party.  I am actually keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives before I do.

So it looks like I won’t be able to take the four huge boxes of Cheerios (2 for Angelo and 2 for my Dad and niece), although I did manage to squeeze in a huge box of Goldfish.  Maybe I’ll just take the Cheerios when we leave since it won’t occupy that much weight and might actually help fill up a balikbayan box.  With the 50lb maximum per piece of check in luggage, keeping a balikbayan box light is actually a major challenge!  And although some airline personnel will gladly combine your total baggage allowance between your two bags, meaning one can be more than the maximum as long as the other piece makes up for it in terms of being lighter, there are those who do it by the book and will charge exhorbitant rates even for a five lb excess.. with jet fuel skyrocketing like crazy, who can blame them?

So I was ready to turn in and all — I’m tired.. (we spent the day in the Auto show which I will write more about tomorrow..)  but somehow something pulled me to log on.  A long-lost nephew had finally responded to my request to add him as a friend on Friendster (which I will write about again tomorrow).  The simple joys that technology brings me!

Alas, I have to go…My bed beckons and I have an early start tomorrow.. TTFN!