Feedback Requirements

I’ve gotten some comments without the required e-mail or URL and name.  Thanks for the comments but the Pinay New Yorker has a standing rule that comments will not be published without a working e-mail or actual URL attributed to the writer. 

Thanks for the tips on Target and the MAC Gel Eyeliner.. it’s nice to know that others are on the lookout for the same things that interest me.

"Me" Time

Alan’s boss took us out to dinner so we had a nice date over a very good meal but we were home just a little after nine.  Angel was already sleeping but he woke up to clean up.  Father and son are in bed now.  I picked up my cream tubs after cleaning my face of the daily goo.  At this age (almost 42), no matter how people say I look years younger than my actual age, it takes some effort to maintain it even as the years start creeping up on me.

I flipped channels and chose one of my favorite Friday shows, NUMB3RS, then I logged on to take a moment to post before I tried to continue writing my letter and get some scrapbooking down.  The snow had started falling but it still looks pretty mild right now.  I’m just so relieved it’s the weekend.