I can’t believe that I have less than two hours before the day ends and a new week begins.  I’m already planning the sequence of my morning as I have to stop by my neighborhood dry cleaners to have a suit altered.  I also want to try them out as far as cleaning one of the precious bags given to me by the hubby which needs some cleaning.  Yes, it’s worth the cost of it if they can just take away some of the obvious signs of wear and tear.

Meanwhile, I have been doing my weekly weeding out of receipts and other junk from my purse, and I’m getting my stuff ready for tomorrow.  It’s going to be a relatively light week as the boss is travelling.  That’s why I’m lining up errands to be done, taking advantage of the free time.

The day was just gorgeous — we just enjoyed the chance to have lunch and spend a leisurely afternoon together.  Angel got a little testy towards late afternoon but I think we did pretty well.   No pressure to go to the grocery or anything, I just stopped by the dollar store to pick up more party giveaways.   I was so shocked that the Tinkerbell and Princess goodies I wanted to pick up for the girls was all gone!  This goodie bag is getting to be quite a challenge.  It looks like I have to make it a habit to check out what’s new in the store every couple of days instead of waiting for the weekend.  At least I have my 40 sets covered now… well, that is, as far as the pencil case is converned.

I decided to take the camera with me today and the boy actually gave me a couple of excellent shots in the car.  The sunset was gorgeous on the way home but my camera battery had died by then so I missed out on that one.  I have the shot of the blue sky above at least. 

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