Waiting for those exam results

Whether you’re waiting for the entrance exam results to the law school of your choice (if you have already taken it) or if you are waiting for THE big one, the Bar Exam results, waiting can be torture.

We all hope for the best no matter how bad we thought we did.  We pin our hopes and dreams on seeing our names on a list, or receiving a letter acknowledging how we hurdled the examination.  And we should just accept that if the exam is over and done with, there is really nothing that any worrying will do to help at this point.

So pray.

And pray I did back then.  I remember how my Mom and I bumped into a mother and daughter who were also praying for the good news.  It was an agonizing wait — and you agonize not just for yourself but for the others who took or retook the examination with you.  I did it only once so I cannot say I know the feeling of failing.  But others close to me had.  All I can say is that I am grateful for having been spared the agony.  I know of two people who kept taking and taking the exam until they just finally gave up.  I know I wouldn’t have if it were me in that position.  A dream is a dream after all.