Rainy and Grey

Alan’s driving me to work and we’re traversing Grand Central Parkway going into the BQE but it’s a little slow. A fine mist is falling but they’re forecasting a major rainfall. At 53 degrees, we’re really having it good. Besides, I’m being brought to work via “car service”.

My mother-in-law has a doctor’s appointment so Alan is working from home today to bring her to and from. Even when she wasn’t living with us, Alan was always the one taking her though she was with my (then) sister-in-law.
How time flies… It’s been two years since our family dynamics changed but we have moved on. I don’t think Angelo still remembers them…

So what do you do in New York on a rainy day? You grab a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate (the “no sugar added” variety) and go about your day without looking out the window. The rain never stopped us…

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