Goodie bag find

The second assistant in the office excitedly shared her discovery with me this morning of a “chocolate egg” with the CARS characters on it. She warned me, though, that it was over a dollar and she wasn’t sure I’d like that. I visited two branches of Duane Reade here where I managed to grab 20 pieces of this Double Crisp Chocolate that was franchised by Disney and I am just so thrilled by this find!

I had really planned on waiting for the Easter Goodies to go on sale but I didn’t want to take the chance that the stores would run out before I got the chance to get it.

I’ve gotten so wrapped up with the little tyke’s birthday in May that I have completely forgotten about my own birthday which comes a full month ahead of his. That can wait — I’m not throwing any parties for that one. Mine is really much simpler — probably just a luncheon or dinner… I’m happy celebrating others more than myself. Besides, I’m not putting together a goodie bag for my party… * wink *

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