What to wear in New York in April

As I had reitereated in a post a few days ago about comments left here in my corner of the web, if you don’t leave a working e-mail (which means my thank you to you for your comment will not bounce back) or a legitimate website, your comment will not be published.

So unfortunately, the comment/question about the topic above will remain unpublished, but I will give you my answer as a matter of courtesy.

If you’re visiting New York in April, what should you wear?

Although Spring officially begins late March, April has generally been still cold, with tendencies to be more winterlike than springlike.  Layering sweaters might not be enough.  Although you will no longer need your thick scarves, you will still need a thin cashmere scarf.  No, you will not need gloves, but a wool coat or thick puff jacket would be a good idea.  You can always take off your jacket if you suddenly get blessed by good weather, but if you are caught underdressed during a cold spring day, you’ll end up getting sick more so if you will be coming from the warm sunny days of Manila.

We have cousins in Manila who always come early April and always end up with the kids having a serious cough.   I celebrate my birthday during that week and I have yet to remember celebrating one wearing just my denim jacket over my sweaters.  I’d lug a short wool coat to be safe.

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  1. WengN

    Hey D!!! 🙂 I’m playing catch up with your blog as I’ve not had the time to visit… One question, I’ve never been to NY but we really would like to go sometime this year – what do you suggest is the BEST time to go? Spring? Fall? Winter? I am very partial to Fall/Autumn but I’m not a NYorker – that’s why I have to ask the expert! 😉 Thanks.


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