On the way to a better me

I have been plump most of my life.  With my 42nd birthday just around the corner, I would say that half of it was spent tipping the scales on the unhealthy end, save for a few “interludes”. 

When I arrived here in the US in 2000, I was a size 12.  Through the help of another weightloss program, I “shrunk” down to a size 8 which was my best ever since my high school years.  So I was happy.  Then I got pregnant.  I was actually lean when I was pregnant because I had gestational diabetes which necessitated me to inject myself with insulin three times a day.  In the end all the trouble was worth it, and Angelo is living proof of it.

Then I breastfed for 2 years which saw me totally letting go of any semblance of dieting.  I guess I just let it go from thereon.  With Angel turning 4 soon, I’ve run out of excuses.  It also doesn’t make me feel good thinking about having to go another size bigger I keep expanding.  I’m currently a 14 which I bet I can still wear even if I go back to a 12, but I wouldn’t want to go to a size 16. 

This weekend, I signed up for the 6-week program at Jenny Craig. They currently have a “trial program” costing $36 for 6 weeks plus the cost of food.  My cost of food plus the sign up fee came to $155.  I’m actually very excited about it because I know that if only for the cost, I will stick to it.  I have kept away from the miracle drugs that promise sudden weight loss because I know what will work best for me is a gradual and disciplined change of eating habits.

I’ve heard friends rave about the quality of food, although everyone has chimed in unison that it is pretty expensive.  Tomorrow, I’m going to shun everything I’ve eaten regularly and shifting to my Jenny Craig diet.  Half my freezer is stuffed with boxes upon boxes of prepared frozen meals.  I also went grocery shopping for the vegetables that I am allowed to consume in unlimited quantities as long as it is steamed or boiled. 

I was so surprised when I weighed in at 176.8 lbs, considering the last time I stepped on a scale sometime in early January, I weighed in at 185 lbs.  My goal is 130 lbs, and I am giving myself 18-24 months to get to that. 

When my Jenny Craig consultant asked me what was my primary motivation to go on a weight loss program, I told her it was primarily for myself — my health and to improved my self-image.  I had done it once before, and I know I can do it again.  And I want to feel good about dressing up instead of worrying about how fat I will look wearing any given outfit.  After a while, you can only hide so much.

I am not getting any younger as well, and I know I have to shift to a healthier lifestyle.  One thing that appealed to me with Jenny Craig’s program is that it eventually weans you off of it and then helps you to embark on your own healthy lifestyle without the food aids.

Their regular sign up fee is just under $400 payable in 3 installments, with 50% down and two payments of $99 each for the second and third months.  There is a progressive discount from the food you order (beginning at 10% for the first 10 months) and growing eventually until it grows to 35%.  I told them I’ll do the $36 for 6 weeks program first and decide from there.

I’m all set.. in a while, I’ll be chopping my vegetables and getting my baon ready for tomorrow.  I have my menu plan and I just need to pull everything together.  Wish me luck!