Big bags are back!

I’ve always liked a big purse. I’ve never been one to go for the minimalist accessory because there’s quite a list of things I wouldn’t be caught dead without when I leave the house.

For example, my “kikay” kit is always more than just a lipstick and powder compact. There’s a travel size tube of facial moisturizer (and right now I have 2 in my purse), my ever dependable black liquid eyeliner, two mini pallettes of eyeshadow, several tubes of lipstick, a nail file and a bottle of perfume. Since I started growing my hair and my bob is taking shape, my mini hairbrush is also a must.

I usually have a bottle or a few packets of pain reliever in there as well, several pens, a mini-notebook, and two sets of keys with those shopper keychains for the usual discounts at my grocery and the different drugstores. Of late I have been travelling with coupons cut out from the weekly newsletters sent to the households in my area which have come in very handy when coupled with the store discounts. (Imagine me buying $50 worth of goods but paying only $20.).

But because I’m carrying a barrel bag these days, I have to lug the bigger items in a separate tote. I would stash the umbrella, the camera (which I love bringing around for no particular reason at all), and the occasional book in one of those giveaway cloth totes I have access to. Forget that I’m carrying a branded purse — you’ll know which company I work for when you see a common name in the different sized totes I carry.

But big bags are back! I had actually purchased one for my sister, Ofie, with the goal in mind of getting her something big enough for her folders of applications in connection with her line of work. When it arrived, I was just so taken by the supple leather, the many pockets and it’s stylish design I’ve “sequestered” that for myself. (I haven’t forgotten about my sister — I’m getting her another one.). While I haven’t “moved” the contents of my barrel bag to the big tote, I am transitioning from the unglamorous canvas tote to the black leather one. I’m just so happy with it I felt like sharing it with the whole world.

A bag, after all, “houses” the things that are important to us. It also helps to pull together our look and adds a little oomph to our total attire. I’m just so glad the big bags are back with a bang!

Pocket front croco bag

Unbelievably roomy and classy — reasonably priced as well.
Hangs by the shoulder smugly.