Three days and still going

It hasn’t been an easy three days specially when you consider that my food intake has been drastically decreased to 1300 calories more or less — which used to be one meal for me.  I can feel my body adjusting, and I’m better than I was the first day.  I’ve learned to take the instruction to eat ALL the food for the day to heart, forgetting whether I feel full or not.  My mistake on the first day was I forgot that I was on a low calorie diet and I relied more on my psychological tummy instead of listening to what my counselor had told me.

The food is surprisingly good — a tad bit too spicy sometimes, but I had a lemon cake tonight which sort of made up for all the sweets I’ve been missing.  The cravings haven’t been as bad as I thought it might be.  I’ve learned to quell it by heeding the advice to either nibble on vegetables boiled in very light broth, or opening a small tub of sugar free jello.  I think I’ll survive this.

I still feel a little weak and fatigued at the end of the day, but I think my system is adjusting.  Strangely, I’ve never really felt hungry all throughout no matter how little I eat.  I guess it’s because Jenny Craig has structured my diet in such a way that I have three meals and three snacks. 

I forgot my menu plan in the office tonight and I was trying to log in as a client — problem was the system was not accepting my center numer and the client account number on my receipt.  I was just hoping to get the menu, and their customer care told me that they were having technical problems.  I got someone on the phone but he had the wrong menu on hand.  I’ll just call them at 8am tomorrow when they open.

I’ve even successfully cooked meals for the family without “caving in”.  I can’t wait for my first week weigh in so I can congratulate myself on the weight I lost.  I’m getting there one step at a time.