Week 2 and counting

I officially started my second week on Jenny Craig. It feels no different from last week although I feel “lighter,” a sensation I’m attributing more to the psychological effect of knowingly starving myself.

I’m taking more detailed notes on my food journal compared to last week, taking care to note even the snacks I eat. I am also hoping to incorporate some exercise (read: time in the gym) this week.

Maybe the weightloss fairy will be more generous with my loss this time around. I’m trying to psyche myself into thinking that the minimal loss of four lbs as of this morning is just my body withdrawing from its usual high calorie intake. It might yet become convinced it’s time to shed those extra lbs.

Waiting for the Bar Exam results?

Then this one is for you…

1. No matter how poorly you felt you did or how horribly illegible your penmanship was, tell yourself you gave it your best shot.

2. Remind yourself that the test is over and done with. No amount of worrying at this point will give you a better chance of making it.

3. Plan for two things: how you will celebrate your victory if you are successful, and what you intend to do if you are not. Will you enroll in a review course immediately? Are you deferring your re-take to next year? And if you are unfortunate not to have made it, give your grieving period a deadline and resolve to move on from there.

4. If you haven’t quite figured what to do with your life, now is the time to make a decision on it. Chances are you are at a non-legal related job right now. Your passing the Bar may or may not impact your career decision, but now is the time to make a choice.

5. Pray… To be accepting of whatever happens, be it good or bad.