Reading again!

After a month of not opening a single book, I’ve resolved to start reading again and am now currently reading two non-fiction books. It’s not voracious reading but enough to keep me going. So with some luck, I might yet chalk up two books this month. I’m reading FREAKONOMICS and THE WONDER OF BOYS.

Scrapbook Feature: The Shabby Princess

The Shabby Princess is one of my favorite digital scrapbook and hybrid scrapping inspirations, and she has just released a new free download: the PROMISE collection which I used in the layout below.

There are a ton of other freebies to download so do visit! If you want to see what they have for sale, hop on over to The Shabby Shoppe.

Please click on picture to see a bigger version. Thank you.
The Pinay New Yorker will be featuring her favorite scrapbooking sites and shops for the benefit of fellow scrapbook enthusiasts out there, and by way of thank you to these artists.