Not Helpful

Today wasn’t a particularly crazy day at work, but it had its challenges.  There were things to be done which I tried to do as best I can.

There are just times when you can’t please everyone.  When the anger towards others get thrown my way — I have no choice but to just shrug it all off.  As long as I know I have no problems with the boss and I’m doing my job, I shouldn’t worry about those who present a challenge to me just doing that.

I tell myself I like where I am at and I know the boss is happy.  There will always be those who will not feel the same way for one reason or another. 

Today I tried to help and do someone else’s job while doing mine, and at the end of the day, someone got in trouble for not doing something right.  And for some reason or other, I was told I was not being helpful.  So much for trying.

I try not to let that get to me but there are days when it does like today.  I’m rambling.. I’m not making sense.. but I just needed to vent.  It was just another day at work.  I need to remind myself that I was just doing my job.

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