Another Holy week in New York

This is my 8th Holy Week here in the big apple and every year, I ease into it as it is not as widely felt here as it is back in Manila. The focus of the celebration on this side of the world centers primarily on Easter, more in its pagan or commercial sense.

One big difference, too, is that Easter is a big dress up day in Church — with some stores even marketing an “easter dress line”. The store shelves are bursting with all sorts of Easter candy and goodies, foretelling another big sale on the day after. (That’s one sale I’m eagerly anticipating for my goodie bags for Angel’s birthday in May.).

I can imagine that Manila is practically a “ghost” town by now with everyone some place else already. And other vacation spots are teeming with people. Isn’t that ironic?

It rained all day in New York on this Holy Wednesday. It helped to set the mood for a solemn observance of Holy week for me.

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