Awake at 1am New York Time

I’ve spent the better part of the evening packing two balikbayan boxes which my courrier is picking up tomorrow between 12nn-4pm. 

I figured 2 boxes was plenty but with a fourth of the stuff in the boxes being hand-me-downs or discarded clothing from our closets, a fourth belonging to my mom and a fourth comprising goodies for Angelo’s birthday party, I had to squeeze in the supplies I wanted to take and other pasalubong into the final quarter of space.  I figured if the cargo left anytime this week, it would have plenty of time to get to the Philippines before Angel’s party.  I am actually keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives before I do.

So it looks like I won’t be able to take the four huge boxes of Cheerios (2 for Angelo and 2 for my Dad and niece), although I did manage to squeeze in a huge box of Goldfish.  Maybe I’ll just take the Cheerios when we leave since it won’t occupy that much weight and might actually help fill up a balikbayan box.  With the 50lb maximum per piece of check in luggage, keeping a balikbayan box light is actually a major challenge!  And although some airline personnel will gladly combine your total baggage allowance between your two bags, meaning one can be more than the maximum as long as the other piece makes up for it in terms of being lighter, there are those who do it by the book and will charge exhorbitant rates even for a five lb excess.. with jet fuel skyrocketing like crazy, who can blame them?

So I was ready to turn in and all — I’m tired.. (we spent the day in the Auto show which I will write more about tomorrow..)  but somehow something pulled me to log on.  A long-lost nephew had finally responded to my request to add him as a friend on Friendster (which I will write about again tomorrow).  The simple joys that technology brings me!

Alas, I have to go…My bed beckons and I have an early start tomorrow.. TTFN!

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