"Me" time

I left the office after my usual 6pm exit from work and I made a decision to hop on a bus to Fifth Avenue to check out one of my favorite Gap branches which always has great bargains when it’s SALE season like it is right now.

So I waited for the bus and resolved to walk to my ride home from the other side of the block after doing a quick sweep of what’s “up to 40% off” as their e-mail ad said. I’ve come across a lot of great finds on such shopping expeditions, and I just don’t want to have to end up with slim pickings after everyone has had their turn shopping the sale.

It’ll be a quick stop, though, as I want to get home at a reasonable hour to make a decent dinner for Alan. I’m here.. Time to get off the bus..


No, I didn’t find anything compelling enough to move me to buy — although I noticed their Spring line looks VERY promising. Perhaps after I’ve lost some more weight and the buttons don’t stand agape by the “two mountains” I might pick up one or two. I am also trying to plan on my Manila wardrobe.

There were good bargains but not shop-til-you-drop prices like the last time I picked a few ballet flats for $10 a piece, down from their original $39.99. I can wait…

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