When in Rome, do as the Romans do

I came across this article yesterday which underscores the evolving social make up of the US as more and more immigrants come in.When you dial any general information or customer service number, you are given the option to procceed in English or Spanish — yes, in the land of apple pie. Little wonder that many Spanish-speaking immigrants don’t feel the need to learn the English language as they can get by with a smattering of it, since Spanish is generally spoken.

In parts where there are large Asian populations, there is also a huge percentage of immigrants who don’t speak English, leaving a lot of bus drivers frustrated. Of course we Filipinos somehow managed not to be lumped together with “the rest” as we are generally conversant in the language, although we all have different accents. The thing is, we know the language.

While this Judge’s ruling may be a tad bit unusual, I can’t help but agree with the point he is trying to make.