Another New York Weekend

We’re heading for the city in a bit because my boys are watching Go Diego, LIVE! at the Radio City Music Hall this morning.  Alan and I have made it a policy to have just one of us watch shows like this because the tickets are rather expensive, and we really just need to chaperone Angelo. 

I’m just going around the city while they watch the show and try and check out the sales in some of my favorite stores in the city, as well as shooting pictures at Rockefeller Center and the surrounding area.  For once I will have two complete hours without rushing through “errands” and things I want to do like what happens when I try to do this between leaving the office and catching my bus home.  There are so many things to do and see I’m getting all excited by the thought of going around my favorite haunts and I’m already planning my 2 hours.

I’ll probably start at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) where I grab my two free tickets (courtesy of my employer’s corporate membership) and then I pick out two people falling in line to buy tickets to give it to.  I always get such a kick out of the look of surprise and their joy when I hand it to them.  People usually think there’s a catch to it and then it dawns on them I’m just giving it away and they’re just thrilled to be saving the museum entrance fee.  I’ve been a tourist in areas where museums are a main attraction like Paris, and I would be totally floored if someone did me the same favor somewhere, so I like giving that kind of pleasant surprise to others.  (Imagine me going to the ticket machines at the Louvre and then being stopped short as someone hands me a pass.. )

I have a few stores I want to visit and I don’t think I’ll get any further than Midtown.  So it’ll be “Walk, walk, walk” for me.

Even for a New Yorker like myself, going around the city on a leisurely stroll is something that doesn’t quite come as naturally as walking the streets in the course of a regular day.  Our weekends are spent in the suburbs unless we have something specific that we need to do in the city.  We do go on occasional trips to have brunch at one of our many favorite places, or to catch a show like the boys are doing which is once in a blue moon.  (We do try to watch one show a year at least.. but when you live in a city as dynamic as New York, there are definitely so many other things to do besides watch plays on Broadway.)

Time for me to get ready.  The boy needs a bath and I have to clean up the breakfast plates off of the sink.  Motherhood calls.. Manhattan awaits!

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