Flights booked!

We’re finally confirmed to go home soon!  Although we normally went to a general wholesaler of flights to the Philippines, my neighbor Liv had told us she had booked a very good fare online through Cathay Pacific.  Although this is one of the more expensive airlines compared to other carriers, their fare was very competitive against other known more reasonable fares.

We were able to book flights priced by Korean and Asiana at $965.00 for just a few dollars over $1,000.  While we like Korean Airlines for its price and service, Cathay Pacific is definitely our airline of choice if the price was the same or almost the same.  So we are booked to go! 

Both Alan and I have flown with them separately and we know that their service is very good.  Food wise — airline food is airline food but we want to stay with the companies that will give us rice for the little tyke.  So if you’re planning a trip home anytime soon, humor me and go to the website and try and plot your trip.  If you’re thinking about May or June, you have a very good chance of booking just under a thousand if you leave on a weekday.

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