Lunch for the little tyke

I just finished making some Nilagang Manok for Angel and some macaroni to put in it, and now he is telling me he only wants macaroni.  (Frustrated Mom rolling her eyes up to the ceiling.)  One thing about an almost four year old who can now talkisi in complete sentences is that he can better communicate what he wants, he now has the ability to actually argue his case when he is in disagreement with the grown ups of the house.  I don’t know if he got it from me or his Dad but he can be very stubborn.

He is slowly but surely recovering from another bronchial infection — he’s practically his old self save for the very occasional cough that tells you there’s something trying to get out of his chest.  He’s up and about and we’re both watching NOGGIN.  (Alan is snoring away in the bedroom taking his power nap — something I indulge him during the weekends because this is the only time he can actually take things easy.)  Let me try to convince the boy he needs his soup.