Yes, today I turn 42. My celebration is a week long as always, and it started last night when my family called me to greet me happy birthday.

My boy’s been singing Happy Birthday for days now, sometimes even teasing me by saying “dear Daddy..” Then looking at me impishly, after which he says “dear Mommy”. (That’s my tyke at almost 4.). It’s a happy day for me and I feel a celebration within when I feel Angelo’s arm around me. I feel so blessed that I have my boys who I wake up next to every morning. I’ve been happily married for almost 8 years now, and we’re going strong. I have both parents with me even if they’re 10,000 miles away. I’m so lucky to have the siblings that I have, and the friends who have always been there.

Looking back through previous birthdays, this is one of those that I feel most grateful for all that I have been given during what has been my life so far.

I’ve had my challenges, but I dwell and count my blessings first.

My Party List

We’ve decided on a date based on the availability of the venue and the balikbayan boxes with much of the giveaways/stuff for the loot bag are already on their way to Manila.  (Or at least I hope so…)  I have just over a month to get everything together.

VENUE:  We’ve made a reservation at Big Red Barn at Fun Ranch in Pasig.  My sister, Ofie, has been coordinating this whole thing and I get more excited by the day.  We’ve taken the main dining area with the wide screen and which is reportedly near a play area, and I’ve been evaluating what the program will be so we can leave time for the kids to enjoy the rides and maybe spend some time in Active Fun. 

FOOD:  I’ve looked over their combo meals which I will supplement with some additional food items.  I find their packages reasonable, and I like that you can actually pull together a mock party menu complete with the additional carts (ice cream, cotton candy), entertainment and other add ons, specifying the number of people attending.  You can make it an affordable package or go all out if you want.  Based on the popular vote back home and with my niece’s endorsement, we’re going for the Fried Chicken combo (with spaghetti and french fries)and adding some pork barbecue, perhaps some burgeritos, and two or three dishes more.

CAKE: Big Red Barn has hooked us up with their official cake supplier, Layers & Layers Party Cakes, which has shown me a wide selection of cakes with the Lightning McQueen / CARS Movie theme, and I must say I am very, very impressed.  I am so tempted to show the pictures that Arlene Francisco, the owner, had sent me via e-mail, but I would much rather take a picture of Angel’s actual cake on the day of the party.  I must say the price that she quoted was also something I was happy with — not cheap, but not expensive.  And from the looks of the finished product she’s promising me, it’s well worth it! 

She also offered cupcakes and cookie lollies with the same design and I am leaning towards getting the cookie lollies for the kids. 

INVITATION:  While my sister insists they will make me purchase the invitations, the website seems to make it sound like it’s an option they give their clients — so I’m sticking to making my own invitation.  I’m just waiting to take another picture of Angelo with his favorite Lightning McQueen when we go to DisneyWorld this weekend.

NAMETAGS:  I’ve already designed the nametags with Lightning McQueen as part of the design and Angelo’s name and party details on it.  I just need to print the appropriate number for the kids attending.

I’m the overly excited Mom as you can see.. I’ve put other purchases for the loot bag on hold until I see what I can get from Disneyworld.