25 Days and Counting

Can you believe that there are only 25 days left before I get on that plane that will take all of us back to Manila?  It feels as if it has been ages since I went home but I was just there 2 years ago when Angel turned two.  I haven’t even left New York yet and I already feel like 2 weeks is just too short a time to be there.. I actually find myself asking if it would mean incurring a change fee if I decided to try and change my return date. (Not happening..)

I’ve started to set things in order in the office, preparing for the things I will leave behind.  Here at home, I have begun to put together the things we will be taking to Manila, planning the suitcases and luggage we will bring.  (No balikbayan boxes for me this time… too big to fill with just 70 lbs.)

I am pretty much set with my pasalubongs.. I’m just pulling together additional items for Angelo’s loot bag.  (Half of which have gone to sea via door-to-door delivery.)  Plus, I’m picking up the more special ones for the people closest to me.  My Mother’s Day present is already taken cared of — I’m getting there with my Dad.  It’s such a big deal to me to be among family again even if my Mom was here until mid-June of last year.

I actually feel like a kid on December 1 counting down to Christmas night… maybe this time I’ll get to take those random shots of Jeepneys whizzing by or stuck in traffic..