24 days and counting: 24 things I hope to do in Manila this time around

(Phew!) Quite a mouthful of a title of a blogpost.. In 2006, I counted 40 posts about the trip home. I’m feeling more prolific this time around so let’s see…

1. Visit Metrowalk (hopefully with Jerome and Jher)
2. Meet up with with Jerome and Jher)
3. Take those “whatever” shots of the jeepneys on Ayala and maybe N. Domingo
4. Say my prayers in Baclaran
5. Go to Tabora and Ilaya in Divisoria (the last time the farthest I got was 168 which was close enough but not quite where I really wanted to go.
6. Go to the beach (and maybe even Boracay) instead of a hot springs resort like the last time.
7. Visit “Market! Market” which I didn’t get to do in ’06.
8. Eat balut (a delicacy I learned to savor back when I was in law school as I sought ways and means to increase my bodily resistance to the onslaught of fatigue)
9. Get more Malunggay extract tablets.
10. Celebrate the graduation of my youngest brother, Nikky, who finally finished his PT course with his friends — some of whom I have known since they were 8 or 9 years old.
11. Meet up with friends from way back, more so those I failed to see in ’06.
12. Watch a local act perform. (Two years ago, it was MYMP at Tavern.)
13. Watch Indie films.
14. Visit the Ayala Museum with my niece and Angelo.
15. Cook a meal for my siblings — and maybe my Dad. (Mom has had her fill…=)
16. Celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mom again.
17. Have an honest-to-goodness Pinoy-style pedicure (or two)
18. Get a nice studio shot of Alan, Angelo and me and a few others.
19. Have some authentic “kesong puti”.
20. Get a new Christmas lantern.
21. Have my fill of my Mom’s macapuno
22. Spend a whole day with my Dad
23. Get some pampering at the spa.
24. Just sit around the mall and people watch.