The Pope in New York

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI is due to spend the weekend here in New York and the Catholics in the big apple are all agog about this Papal visit. I have tried to find a way to get tickets to the Concert and Mass at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, and although I haven’t received any affirmative news, I haven’t been told it’s impossible. The screening seems to be pretty rigorous as I had to give my name and that of a friend’s I’m hoping to bring with me along with our birthdays for the security check.

I have been told that in all likelihood, we will know on the twelfth hour which is still good, as long as there is a chance.

I am trying to keep a family tradition alive as I remember how we would go and attend the papal mass everytime the reigning Pope made a stop in Manila, no matter how far we walked or stood from where the altar was. If I see His Holiness in New York this time, then that would indeed be a gift from above.

Part of me is naturally worried given the threats that surround this event, but my thinking is that if I manage to get a seat in Yankee Stadium for that mass, then I know He will take care of me.