18 days and counting: have to start packing!

I’m still trying to make it to work a few minutes past nine, standing by a favorite corner where I can lean on a conductor control room door so I can keep my hands free. There’s a young Asian couple in front of me having a breakfast of steamed buns or siopao as we know it better. Do they look delicious! I’m so tempted to ask where they bought it but it wouldn’t do me any good since I can’t eat it anyway. =(

Packing? I haven’t quite gone beyond mentally planning things, but I think I have to ystart laying out my luggage options now lest I end up not maximing the 8-piece 70 lbs each baggage allowance. I think prudence requires that I leave one or two pieces lighter in case I need to transfer some things from the other bags. I already know meeting the 70lbs per piece will be a challenge given the bigger suitcases. It all requires striking a balance between the space available and the baggage allowance.

I’m already mindful of the actual weight of my purchases now, even taking the time to check the weight per piece of the chocolate bars I grab from the grocery shelves. I’ve started organizing my “fillers” and trying to get things sorted.

Yes, I’m on my way home.