16 days and counting: Shopping List

(Reminders to self:)

1. Soap dishes/pH Strips for GP
2. Special tea for Ms. L
3. Gimmick shirt for R
4. Fridge magnet alphabet for Art
5. Burn Scrapbook CDs for V
6. Get 2G memory card for self
7. PSP + games for Nikky
8. Dual voltage hair dryer
9. Salt & Pepper pack for hotel
10. Pack away USB keys
11. Get usual meds: Aleve, Sudafed, etc.
12. SPF 45 Sun tan lotion
13. Umbrella for Mom (her choice of brand)
14. Garbage, Ziploc bags
15. Mother-in-law’s decaf instant coffee
16. MiracleGro for Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It’s one of those occasions when we find ourselves looking for good gifts to give to one of the most important woman in our lives. I did my shopping early but have come across the following finds which you might find useful for yourself or for mom. Enjoy!

$50 off a $200 purchase at any Dooney & Bourke Retail outlet. (Not valid online)

Sephora is offering a new make up pallete for just $30.00 — and after looking at the colors and what’s in the kit, this is definitely a good buy. I’m actually getting one for myself and one for my sister.