16 days and counting: Shopping List

(Reminders to self:)

1. Soap dishes/pH Strips for GP
2. Special tea for Ms. L
3. Gimmick shirt for R
4. Fridge magnet alphabet for Art
5. Burn Scrapbook CDs for V
6. Get 2G memory card for self
7. PSP + games for Nikky
8. Dual voltage hair dryer
9. Salt & Pepper pack for hotel
10. Pack away USB keys
11. Get usual meds: Aleve, Sudafed, etc.
12. SPF 45 Sun tan lotion
13. Umbrella for Mom (her choice of brand)
14. Garbage, Ziploc bags
15. Mother-in-law’s decaf instant coffee
16. MiracleGro for Mom

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