Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day

Originally posted in Motherhood, etc.

My company had our annual “Take Your Sons & Daughters to Work Day” last Thursday, and I sort of decided on the spur of the moment to take Angelo. It worked out just fine because my mother-in-law was having another eye procedure and wouldn’t have been able to get Angel from daycare.

I have always taken every opportunity to show Angelo where Alan and I work. I want him not only to see where we are in our careers — but I wanted him to see what he can achieve and surpass if he strives to do well in school. I have always believed that it is never too early to instill ambition in the boy.

The cafeteria and all its offerings was quite a trip for Angelo. We went back up to my office with two bananas. (I brought a full box of cereal and I had water, milk and juice in my pantry.). Other than the occasional embarrassmet of Angelo proclaiming he needed to “make peepee,” he really behaved and having him around wasn’t too much of a distraction. It was hard at times to tell him to wait for Mommy to finish an e-mail or to keep quiet as I spoke with someone on the phone. We even had a nice polaroid taken with the company mascot which he did not want to let go of.

He actually wanted to go back with me the next day and I had to explain to him we don’t normally bring kids to work. It was just a special occasion that’s why there were so many “little people” in the office when he was there. My colleague who is the second assistant in the office have agreed that we will bring our little ones during this big event when all the bosses travel on a major recognition conference. I am already looking forward to that.