Packing up

I’ve started “surveying” my luggage plans and this afternoon, Alan and I agreed that we would have to put together a balikbayan box.

I’m on my first duffle bag and I’m not even halfway through.  It’s not as simple as just stuffing everything into the bag then stepping on the weighing scale and deducting my weight from the total with the bag in hand.  That’s the reason why I wanted to start this early.  The smaller pieces are the trickier ones, because I have to find the heavier smaller items and consolidate them into the smaller bags.

With any luck, I’ll find myself with spare room when all has been packed.  Am I excited to get on that plane to go home?  Beyond words. 

Meanwhile, I’m starting to get things ready at work and I’m trying to get as much work done before I leave. Can you believe I have less than 2 weeks to go?  Fortunately things are lighter at work this week only because the boss is on the road again.  So I’m hoping to get more done before she returns on Thursday again.

I spoke with my father yesterday and he’s all excited.  He gave me some last minute bilins which I hope to take care of in the coming days.  Can’t wait, can’t wait!!

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